Book Excerpt – “The Next Awakening”

“The religious God conception is an ego-designed being, and as institutions of religion represent this God, they owe their existence to a false conception.  It is a God that is separate, sometimes aloof, exalted, needing to be implored and humored, honored by ritual and offerings, demanding justification, and able to be attained only through intermediaries, because it must be really far away, since they could not see nor hear it anywhere.  This false image of God divides people and judges their worth through the prism of the self.

This conception is a purely material one.  It provides another status to be owned.  It leads expectedly to another thing that human beings love – being able to say I have something you do not have.

If divinity exists, it lives in you and came with you.  It did not arrive in you sickly, deficient, sinful, or separated from its source.  It is of the divine image and likeness of God.  The placement of intermediate powers between you and this divinity began as a quest for manipulation by men.  Its threat of punishment for non-compliance is a manipulative invention of men, used by men, and beneficial to men.  The celestial dictator paradigm is truthfully a human dictator paradigm in disguise.

A true sense of anything divine will not frighten you, and cannot be used to frighten you.”


What is Enlightenment?

   True enlightenment is not sought and never found. It is not an addition.  It is experienced by becoming less – from the discarding of things, like a gem that is cut to reveal its brilliance.  Jesus, Gandhi, Mandella – they all became less.  Finding is being found.  Enlightenment is by subtraction; it is by removing all the impediments that prevent you from living in what was already there.  Yes, more truly, it was never missing, as we are created in it.    The idea that we are or have ever been separated from God is an illusion.  This illusion can be manipulated for great advantage by men if we allow it.  Large institutions have been erected for that purpose.  According to what we have of the extant wisdom of the Galilean prophet, the nursing baby is as close to God as you can get on this planet.


Ricky Cox is my name and I am a writer in Kentucky. I am also a dentist, farmer, and have dabbled in philosophy and politics. My book, “The Next Awakening:  How Religion and Science are Both Wrong” has just been published.

I chose a provocative title.  Why?  Because I wanted to be provocative.

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